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Scientific analysis, medical software and data processing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and much more…


We are international experts in intelligent scientific analysis, powerful medical software and data processing, the creation of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies

Current Products

Patient Information Software

In collaboration with skilled designers, programmers, SEO specialists and ethical counselors we develop websites and advertizing tools for selected medical customers.

Management Software

Our management sortware products are particularely custom-tailored to please all those who prefer real-time data on all their business progress. And it prepares revenues and even final reports „on the fly“.

Artificial Intelligence Medical Software

Our trademark A.I.M® stands for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. We care about A.I. products for medical research, diagnostics and therapy in fields where human and artificial intelligence meet on highest levels.

Google Customer Satisfaction Software

This program selection aims at the large community of Google-using customers to improve their search experience and increase their satisfaction.

Medical Business Software

With products like MED24 or CITO! we support clinics and medical facilities to establish and maintain an optimal workflow with a minimum of staff.

Patient Information Printware

All our software-based information is also available in printed or printable formats. Ask for a free sample.

Invest in the Future of Vein Therapy

Every second child on earth is born with vein valve damage. 50% of them will develop serious vein disease at adult age. Venartis® knowledge can save all of them.
The VENARTIS® group, due to its history, has a primary focus on venous diseases. The originator of many of our projects was renowned Mr. Johann Christof Ragg, MD, founder of the European chain of angioclinic vein centers. He spent more than 25 years in intense research of vascular diseases and was the holder of dozens of medical patents worldwide. Today, VENARTIS® owns and continues his projects on a professional business level.
Investors are welcome to participate in the tremendous proceedings of vein therapy, which currently changes from surgery to minimally invasive techniques, and to effective prevention. There is no other company in the world like VENARTIS®, offering strategies and products for ALL relevant branches of phlebology, with several multi-billion-markets to be conquered right now.
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You are a Patient?

If you visit these pages because some information on vein disease raised your attention, please use the contact form to submit a message and receive more specific information.

Diseases like varicose veins are well treatable, painless, without any surgery and excellent esthetic results. According to recent research, there are even better news: You can protect yourself and all your family from developing varicose veins.

Our Teamis ready to Help

We are constantly working on innovations and improvements in phlebology. There is much more Venartis® knowledge available for companies and scientists. Please use our contact form to request more specific information.

The purpose of the company, in the form of a holding company, is to manage subsidiaries for the development of and trade in medical products, health, nutrition and sports products, medical quality certificates and medical education products with a focus on venous medicine. Explicitly included are modern digital technologies of all kinds.
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